Mole Day

Madison Czapla

What is Mole Day? Mole Day is a day that is celebrated on October 23rd; it begins at 6:02 a.m. and ends at 6:02 p.m. Still, one may ask the question, “What is Mole Day?” First things first, we have to know what a mole is. A mole is a unit of measurement that is used in Chemistry, the mole is the measurement of how many molecules or atoms are in a substance. The person who created and figured out the measurement of moles is Amedeo Avogadro. Avogadro calculated that there are 6.02*10²³ moles in each substance, or in other words that one mole is equal to the amount of grams or molar mass the substance has. Mole Day was thus created to build student interest in Chemistry.

Every year, students in Amy Aubuchon´s Chemistry I and Chemistry II classes celebrate the day in honor of Avogadroś number. The students celebrated this day by bringing in drinks and food to share with their classmates. The trick to these food and drinks is that the students have to alter the name of the product to have the word mole in it. For example, Mountain Dew would become “Mole-tain Dew,” and Chocolate Milk would become “Chocolate Mole-k.” There is more to the day than just food. The students have the option to create a mole, like the animal, and dress it up as a celebrity or fictional character. One example being the Incredible Hulk, but with the name “Incredible Mole-k.” Another example is Hannah Montana, which would become “Hannah Mole-tana.” This year’s theme for Mole Day was MOLEvngers. Along with the party, students played games and had activities, such as Mole Day coloring pages.

Each year the students have fun and cannot wait for the day to come, and each year the students cannot wait for the next Mole Day so they can celebrate it again. This year was no different for the students, everyone had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

All of the information that has been gathered for this article came from and an interview with Amy Aubuchon.