The Multiverse

Kara Meyer

As of late, the “Multiverse” has been the subject of many science fiction works. The “multiverse” is the concept of universes other than our own. However, how “fiction” is this concept? Perhaps truth lies behind these stories.

A plane is a 2-dimensional surface with sides that go on forever. Much like how scientist explain space-time and our universe. Space-time goes on infinitely. Because the arrangement of particles are not infinite, in order to go on forever, space-time must repeat itself. When the parts of the space time repeat, they can repeat differently. This means that there can be an infinite amount of versions of you. Similarly, it is said that the universe is made up of a mathematical structure. Other universes exist as there is an infinite number possible mathematical structures that can be used.

If Big Bang occured, it expanded, and continues to expand, space-time. The places that the Big Bang has not reached yet is its own universe. Also, it is believed that space time stopped expanding in some regions, like holes in the “plane.” Our universe is where the Big Bang has passed and space-time has formed. However, the “holes” where spacetime has not passed are other universes. These other universes might behave different then our own, as they have different laws of physics. Similarly, other Big Bangs triggered in other regions could have caused their own sets of universes.

Other universes are thought to be created by subatomic particles. These “daughter universes” are universes that appear from different possibilities. For instance in the morning you debate if you will drink coffee. Two different universes arise from this situation. One where you drink the coffee and one where you don’t. The universe you drink coffee in creates two new universes, one where you have creamer and one where you do not.

Other universes are proposed by string theory. String theory is the investigation of tiny vibrating “strings” that make up the universe. It explains our universe’s dimensions (a measurable extent), but also universes with unusual dimensions. These universes have different history and physics. These universes are like planes that lie slightly above each other. Because planes only extend outward, not up-ward, we can not reach them. However, some of the planes are slanted, causing a collision between two planes. This collision can trigger another Big Bang, creating another universe.

These possible universes are still being studied. They are difficult to confirm due to the lack of evidence. Nevertheless, these universes a fun to imagine.