New press time for Republican means earlier mail delivery, counter sales

Warden Publishing, Co., announced this week that the Gasconade County Republican has acquired a new, and earlier, press time which will result in earlier delivery for local subscribers and those who purchase the paper at area stores.

Subscribers who receive their paper by mail in the Owensville, Bland, Rosebud and Gerald markets will begin receiving The Republican with their Wednesday mail starting today, Jan. 9.

The Republican will be available for purchase at the Owensville office at 7 a.m. and in stores as early as 8 a.m. each Wednesday for single-copy sales.

Because of the earlier press time, deadline for submitting articles to The Republican will be earlier. All articles and photographs submitted for publications should be in The Republican office at 106 East Washington before noon on Mondays.

Any advertising submitted on Tuesdays for that Wednesday’s publication will now incur a late fee of $5 to $20, unless other arrangements have been made. Advertising accepted on Tuesdays are subject to time and space constraints and may be postponed to the following week’s publication. Unfortunately the new press time will not affect postal delivery for those outside the local market.