New procedure leads to $2,780 windfall for city

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

City Clerk Jane Hungler is in the process of training a new water clerk. Hungler decided it was a good time to make some changes, before training the new clerk on how it should be done. 

Tuesday, Hungler decided to set up an online payment system with which the city can send the sales tax it collects on water sales to the state.

In the past, the city has manually calculated the amount of sales tax collected each quarter and then mailed the payment to the Missouri Department of Revenue. 

By switching the city to an online account, the amount the city owes in sales tax collection will be automatically figured. This system also allows payments to be made electronically. 

While making the switch, Hungler was able to check the history of the city’s account. It showed that 12 times since 2014, the city has overpaid their sales tax liability. In one quarter, the city underpaid by $60, which resulted in a 50 cent penalty. 

The total of the overpayments, minus the underpayment, comes to $2,780. Hungler has asked the state to send the city a check as reimbursement. When the check is received, it will be deposited back into the water account.

With the new system, the water clerk will be able to check the city’s account status each time they log in to make a payment transfer. By using the calculator tool, overpayments should be a thing of the past.