Newspapers in the classroom help students develop many skills

Jena Alaimo is one of several teachers who have been using The Gascoande County Republican in their classrooms. Specifically, the teachers have been using the story of Kali,  printed as a serial, each week. Kali was a polar bear born in Alaska who made his way to the St. Louis Zoo. The final installment was printed in last week’s issue. Alaimo’s kindergarten students were sad to see their much anticipated story on Kali come to an end. As Alaimo settled into a rocking chair, the students got comfortable on a brightly colored rug. When the story ended, students returned to their tables with their own copy of the paper, to cut out the final installment of their furry friend’s story. This helped them sharpen their cutting skills. They then glued the story to a piece of construction paper. The students have been doing this each week after reading the story. They then lined up to wait for the teacher to staple the final page of the story into the books they have been building each week. They can now take the books home to share with their families. Alaimo encouraged her class to ask their parents to plan a trip to the zoo so they can see Kali in person. During this process, students learned how a newspaper is laid out and how to find items of interest. What remains of the newspaper will be used in various ways.   Word searches for simple words the students will recognize is one way. Students spent time finding people they recognized in the newspaper’s photographs. They were also allowed to cut out other photos of interest to them.