OHS STEM work on Jahabow project to be presented to MSBA

Roxie Murphy
Staff Write

Gasconade County R-2 Board of Education member on Monday recognized Rod Barndollar’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) class for their work with Jeff Smith of Jahabow Industries, Inc., to complete a new cabinet piece. 

Superintendent Dr. Chuck Garner explained the project. 

“Jahabow was looking to create a new piece, and Jeff contacted Rod Barndollar and his class,” Garner said. “They were able to code that piece and 3-D print it, then get it back to them, which cut that time by months and saved them a lot of money.”

Jahabow then sent the piece to its fabrication department which approved the prototype. 

“Now it is going to go through mass production and be on cabinets all over the country,” Garner said. “So our kids got to see the idea, be part of it, had a finger in the prototype developing part and they saw that in production. They are going to get to see that thing from start to finish.”

High School Principal Cindy Hawkins added that Smith later came in and did an interview with the T.V. Studio class that they plan to show at the Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) convention in October. 

“I didn’t ask him questions or tell him what to say,” Hawkins said. “We just put him in with the T.V. Studio people and said talk about what you were able to do with the school.”

Hawkins said in the video, Smith talks about the man hours and money and all the problems that the partnership helped the company with. The district was asked to present at the conference Oct. 5-8.

Casey Fisher also submitted the quarterly technology report to the board, with updates on new purchases. 

“We received an amazing gift from the Owensville Elementary School (OES) Parents And Teachers Together (PATT),” Fisher said. “They assisted in purchasing a cart of Chromebooks for OES that will be used in grades K-2.”

Fisher said the group originally agreed to buy 20 Chromebooks and a cart, but came to another agreement. The project totaled around $6,000.

“The $6,000 was used to purchase 30 Chromebooks,” Fisher said. “The district provided the cart to house them.”

The cart costs around $500, and Chromebooks are about $200 a piece, Fisher said.

Third grade has also been allocated one Chromebook per student. 

Changes to the district’s Chromebook replacement cycle is also expected to save over $50,000. 

“We were able to successfully replace 353 student Chromebooks that had met their end of cycle,” Fisher said. “There were also 110 teacher desk top computers that were up for replacement. The replacement would have totalled roughly $60,000.”

Instead of replacement, Fisher said they implemented a new plan to replace only the system hard drives. 

“Not just replace them, but replace them with an SSD hard drive which has increased upon their previous capabilities,” Fisher said. 

The new drives enable the old system to boot up and run at faster speeds. 

“Additional components of the computers will be replaced on an as needed basis,” Fisher said. 

The technology report also updated the board about summer upgrades including the internet bandwidth that will be increasing from 150MB to a starting base of 250MB. 

OMS and OHS received a total overhaul to VOIP Phone systems. The old analog phone systems are out and have been replaced with new Avaya internet powered phones. All staff now have active voicemail and each building has an automated attendant when receiving phone calls. 

The district also update their firewall to ensure protection for staff and students, and multiple WiFi access points were added across the district to increase WiFi density.