OMS celebrates HC, APR

McKenzy Echols (left) had the honor of removing the chair from underneath her principal, Teresa Schulte, after students duct-taped her to the gym wall on Friday to celebrate the district’s homecoming and 100-percent score on the state APR evaluation. Echols was the top seller of raffle tickets in a fund-raiser. Students sold 875 tickets at $5 each with Pam Keeney winning the $500 grand prize. Christian King and Chastity Menz each won $250. Menz donated her winnings back. Ron Brown and Brad Echols each won $100 and Wendy Delozier won $50. Students received a piece of tape to secure Schulte to the wall for every sheet of raffle tickets they sold. Echols earned 28 pieces of tape and two pies to throw in a teacher’s face. She gave one to a friend. She won a Chromebook and a $100 cash prize. Kari Evans was worried she was getting a pie in the face. Instead it was cards for Counselor’s Week from students April Jahnsen, Jenna Curtis, Aurora Maher, Josh Cahill, Karleigh Coffmann, Erik Shell, Spencer Loeb, Caleb Stoker and Luke Reed.