Outline of new library begins to take shape

Dave Marner
Managing Editor

An outline of the new Scenic Regional Library building under construction in Owensville began to take shape this week as trenches for footings were being dug on Tuesday.

Jim Brown, project manager for Wright Construction Services, Inc., said footings were expected to be poured beginning today (Wednesday) and should be completed by Thursday. He has ordered the steel for the superstructure of the 6,821-square-foot building and hopes to begin framing it up in approximately four weeks. The project is anticipated to be completed by May 2018.

A building project is also in progress for a new library in New Haven. The Owensville and New Haven projects are two of seven across the Scenic Regional Library which are planned throughout the rest of 2017 and into 2018.

Five other construction projects planned for Scenic Regional Library’s system including three other new buildings and additions to two more.

Wright Construction, St. Peters, Mo., was awarded the $12.5 million construction bid for all seven sites. Wright provided the lowest bid on all seven facilities combined and was the low bidder on five of the seven projects individually. Scenic Regional is also expecting to furnish the new facilities at an additional cost of $1 million. Another $971,000 is being spent for architectural and engineering fees.

New library facilities are planned in Pacific, Sullivan and Wright City along with ones currently under construction Owensville and New Haven. Expansions and renovations are planned at Scenic Regional’s St. Clair and Warrenton facilities. Construction on these other facilities will begin at intervals as work progresses at each site.