Paper project lights fire in GES art students

Linda Trest

You never know when a lesson will light a fire in a student. 

Gabe Simpson had no idea a simple art project would turn into a passion. 

Gabe was quietly working at a station of his choosing in art class one day when the origami bug bit him. He was so excited by his creations, he taught some of his friends how to do the creative folding. They watched instructional videos to learn more. Then they were hooked. 

Soon Gabe, Tori Wright and Landon Diestlkamp were creating beautiful butterflies by simply folding paper.

Their art teacher, Jessie Bayless, is thrilled at their enthusiasm. “GES kids are amazing artists. They are so open, receptive and responsive. They embrace art, that comes through the community,” she noted.

The students learned about different ways to present their artwork to the world in art class. An installation is one way, so they decided to create A Butterfly Installation. 

Enough bright, colorful butterflies were created to fill a section of ceiling in one of the hallways at Gerald Elementary School.

The lightweight paper they used lets the butterflies, hung by fishing line, to dance and fly with the slightest breeze. Their goal was to create a butterfly for each student in their grade to call their own. Perhaps even one for each student in the school. Maybe enough to fill the ceilings in the whole school. 

Then they learned how to make origami boats. 

Stay tuned.