Paper will now be collected for recycling at the Gerald Library

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

For years, the Gerald Area Library has been looking for a company to help them recycle books and paper. 

So many books are donated to the library and many of those are past their prime. In the past, volunteers have boxed these books up, loaded them into a vehicle and then driven them to a church in Beaufort where each box was unloaded. 

Often, the boxes of old books waiting to be recycled clogged the halls and storage areas of the library.

It is hard to throw away a book, but sometimes a broken spine, missing pages, mildew or an abundance of cat hair make it necessary. 

Many recycling companies were contacted, but they all said Gerald was too far from St. Louis (or Jefferson City) to make the effort viable. 

Then the library contacted Central Paper Stock in St. Louis. This company has agreed to place a large container behind the library. to collect paper for recycling. 

In order to make the service cost effective, the company asks that the library fill the large container at least every two months. 

That will require a lot of paper. 

The Gerald Elementary School and the local post office have already agreed to bring their paper to the library. Other businesses will also do what they can to help the library with its goal. 

Cardboard cannot be collected at this time, only office paper, books, magazines, newspapers and junk mail will be taken. 

Anyone who throws other items or household trash in the container will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The container should be in place in the next week, but papers can be brought to the library immediately for recycling. Central Paper Stock says that the paper recycled from the full bin could save up to 85 trees.

In addition the library will be paid a nominal amount each time the container is emptied.

The library expects to set up a procedure for collecting the papers in the near future. Until then, just bring your paper for recycling into the library and leave it at the front desk.