Park budget leaves little room for improvements

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

The Parks Department’s budget has been set at $32, 275 for 2019 with $29,000 coming from taxes and $1,400 is expected to come in from facility rentals. Another $1,875 will be collected from the Gerald Athletic Association, the Gerald Area Chamber of Commerce and the Bridle and Saddle Club in dues plus reimbursements for electricity and insurance. 

The majority of the expenses are attributed to one seasonal employee who maintains both Legion and City Park. All employee related expenses total $9,830. All maintenance and repairs, including those for equipment are expected to be $6,040. Gas and oil for that equipment will run another $1,800.

The park committee will make another $5,000 payment to the City of Gerald to repay a loan made for the building of the concession stand. 

Supplies and operating expenses will take $3,050.

Electricity is estimated to cost the parks $3,000 this year.

A few other miscellaneous expenses will bring the total of expenses to $32,275 creating a balanced budget. 

As operating and employee expenses continue to climb each year, there is little money in the budget for park improvements.