Peaceful Valley takes possession of city’s storm-warning sirens

Two storm-warning sirens declared surplus when the city of Owensville purchased new units earlier this year have been donated to the Peaceful Valley Lake community and one will be installed early in 2018.

Both sirens were removed on Monday through an agreement reached between the city and the lake community’s ownership association. Lake resident Randy Fuller said the project was an cooperative effort between the county’s emergency management director, Kris Bayless, Owensville’s Board of  Aldermen and Mayor John Kamler, and Owensville Fire Chief Curtis Aytes.

Fuller provided research which noted the sirens were originally installed in Owensville in 1983 and were recently taken out of service when the new sirens were installed. One unit will be installed near the Peaceful Valley maintenance buildings and the other will be retained for spare parts.

Three Rivers Electric Coop donated the pole required for the new location and performed the work to install the pole. Three Rivers linemen also removed the old units from their pole mounts.

Fuller said the $3,000 cost associated with the oversight and actual removal and installation will be covered by a donation from a Peaceful Valley resident who asked to remain anonymous.

“The siren coverage will be much greater than Peaceful Valley property and will include about 25 neighboring residences and businesses,” said Fuller. “The siren will be tested, weather permitting, the first Monday of each month at 11 a.m. and will be controlled by the Gasconade County E-911 office, which also controls the sirens in the city of Owensville.”

Fuller said Outdoor Warning Consultants of Jefferson City was assisting in the removal and installation process.

Units removed included sirens at Memorial Park under the water tower and the one at the corner of First and Franklin. The park siren is being put back into service.