P&Z asked to consider zoning change for ambulance district property

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

A request has been submitted to the Planning and Zoning Board to consider a change in zoning for a property owned by the Gerald Ambulance District. The board began their consideration at a meeting held Tuesday, Feb. 5.

The property, located at 719 West End Street, was sold for $1 to the ambulance district in 1973 by the Veterans Association of Gerald, commonly known as the American Legion. A building was erected on the land. A heli-pad was installed later.

The veterans group also sold land to the Gerald Volunteer Fire Department and City of Gerald. Those two entities paid $10 each for their land. They also agreed to never sell or give away the land, but that stipulation was apparently not made to the ambulance district. 

The fire department was given the land in 1973, the city in 1978. Additionally, the city agreed to use the land as a city park, and it is now known as Legion Park. 

Last fall, the ambulance district moved its operations into a new building located on E. Springfield at Bernhardt Ave. There is no heli-pad at the new location, the district still uses the one on their West End property. 

The city’s zoning map shows the entire property, formerly owned by the American Legion, to be zoned as city property. There are no distinctions made for the fire or ambulance properties. 

It was not known at press time what new zoning designation was being requested. 

According to city codes, a public hearing would be required before any zoning request could be approved. The person or business making the request would be require to cover all costs incurred by the hearing, including posting public notices.