P&Z recommends approval of R-2 lot subdivision

Dave Marner
Managing Editor

Owensville Planning and Zoning Commission members on Monday voted unanimously to approve a request for a final plat, subdividing the R-2 Administrative Field site into two properties.

However, P&Z members agreed they would recommend the city request the proposed developer, Casey’s General Store, go back to Missouri Department of Transportation’s design engineers and review options to have an access directly onto Highway 19/Olive Street on the east side. Rick Peth, a landowner on East Jefferson, had suggested that perhaps property owners “wouldn’t want traffic in front of their houses.”

As plans are drawn up, traffic entering the proposed 12-pump gasoline station and convenience store development would enter from either Highway 28 on the north or off of East Jefferson Avenue from the east. An entrance and exit onto East Jefferson is also proposed using the existing R-2 driveway.

Kevin McClafin, project manager for the Arkansas engineering and surveyor firm Morrison Shipley, was in attendance July 30 and told East Jefferson neighbors and commission members their original plans called for an entrance and exit “curb cut” along Olive/19.

“That’s how we originally proposed it but MoDOT (engineers) didn’t want to allow a curb cut there,” said McClafin.

Tom Lahmeyer, chairman of the P&Z group, noted, “Basically, they screwed up with Moto Mart and they don’t want to screw up again.”

Mayor John Kamler asked McClafin if MoDOT would agree to allow access off of Olive/19, “would you change it?”

“Sure,” said McClafin. “That’s the way we originally proposed it.”

Travis Hernandez, the city’s contracted engineer from Archer-Elgin, reminded the P&Z Commission members they were being asked to approve the plat of the site for a “minor subdivision” into two separate parcels. The Casey’s development is approximately 2.5 acres with the remaining property remaining in possession of the Gasconade County R-2 School District. The R-2 Administrative occupies the western portion of the site being subdivided.

P&Z members and Owensville’s Board of Aldermen earlier this year took action to vacate an old alleyway which cut through the property in the first step to assisting the school district in an effort to sell the property. 

Ron Newbound, a homeowner on East Jefferson, expressed concerns about lighting of the site which could impact residents along Jefferson. Hernandez reminded P&Z members the site is already zoned for commercial use.

The action Monday will allow aldermen to take up consideration of an ordinance at their Monday, Aug. 6, regular meeting to approve the final plat and subdivision of the site, according to Deputy Clerk Peggy Farrell.

She noted Hernandez is still reviewing plans presented for the development. An application for a building permit has been submitted but not approved, said Hernandez on July 20. The project carries an estimated $2 million development cost.

Hernandez told P&Z members he still had “development plans to review with Jeff Kuhne,” the city’s public works director,  but as far as zoning issues were concerned there we none.

Hernandez answered questions posed by area landowners and Kevin McFadden, a former P&Z member and now an alderman in Ward 1, and Denise Bohl, alderman from Ward 2.

Casey’s is prepared to construct sidewalks along Highway 28 and Jefferson where none currently exit and will share the ingress and egress into the property with a concrete road along the east side of the Administrative Building. The dumpsters will be fenced in but there are no requirements to mask off the rear of the store building.

Hernandez said there will be some underground water retention storage structures included in the site design. Stored storm-water runoff will discharge from pipes to drain off the property. A grass buffer area is planned on the southern third of the site facing Jefferson.

P&Z member Steve Hobein’s motion to send the plat of the subdivision to aldermen for final approve received a second from Connie Warden. James “Calvin” Ruth also voted in favor of the motion. 

“I’d like to go back to MoDOT and see if they’d change their mind,” said Hobein on the access concerns along Olive/19.

“We’re here for subdivision of the lot,” said Lahmeyer. “It will work but I’d like to see it re-approached.”

“I’d be glad to make a phone call,” said the mayor.