The real climate deniers

Dennis Warden

Who are the real climate deniers? That is my question for this week. Last week the big climate news was a report claiming that the oceans are warming 40 percent faster than predicted five years ago.

In the report they stated that in 2018 the ocean was at it’s “hottest on record.”

These two statements, “40 percent faster” and “hottest on record” are meant to scare you and me.

They are presented as undeniable truths to keep any dissenting views from being heard.

To say hottest on record is like me saying that yesterday was the coldest day in 2019. It is relative. When they say hottest on record understand that we have only been keeping track of the ocean temperature for around 130 years. We have been keeping track of air temperatures for a little over 150 years.

Compared to the age of the earth — approximately 4.5 billion years — 150 years is infinitesimally small. Everyone calls those like me climate deniers because we don’t believe in man made climate change. Notice I said man made. The real deniers are those who only believe that man can change the climate and that the changes that occur in the climate cannot be part of any natural climate cycles. They are the deniers.

From the 16th to the 19th centuries scientists know there was a period of cooling called the “Little Ice Age.” Coincidently this comes after a time that is referred to the “Medieval Warm Period” that lasted from 950 to 1250.

According to Wikipedia the possible causes of the Medieval Warming Period include increased solar activity and decreased volcanic activity. Causes for the Little Ice Age are cited as cyclical lows in solar radiation and heightened volcanic activity.

These are all just theories. The climate change we are currently going through is just assumed to be the fault of humans and not part of some natural cycle in the climate system.

Let me be totally honest with you. I am not a climatologist. My expertise is limited to publishing a newspaper, selling advertising and singing. Most of what I have just said is my opinion based on experience and a little research.

But, most of those trying to scare us by telling us the earth is going to come to an end are not climate experts either. Many are journalists and politicians.

A climatologist I like to reference is Dr. Roy Spencer. You can see what Dr. Spencer has to say about this claim — that the oceans are warming 40 percent faster — along with his credentials, at

This figure was the result of one of 33 reanalysis from a study of ocean temperatures from 1971 to 2010. The one they chose to report on had, you guessed it, the most warming.

According to Dr. Spencer “the reason why there are so many reanalysis is because the signal they are looking for in the ocean data amounts to about 3- or 4-hundredths of a degree Celsius per decade, that’s less than 4-thousands of a degree per year warming.”

But no story would get any attention, or scare the public about global warming with numbers like that, because they are trivial.

On the next point of contention — that in 2018 the ocean was the hottest on record — the average temperature of the ocean, from the surface down to 200 meters is only in the 40s degree Fahrenheit.

These are just examples of how figures get exaggerated for attention and to scare us.

Years ago, in July, on a trip to San Francisco I put my foot into the Pacific Ocean. I stopped with my foot because it was too cold. In my opinion the Pacific Ocean, at least, could use a little warming. 

Another good point from Dr. Spencer is “the rate of warming of the whole climate, supposedly the result of CO2, all temperature change is all a function of energy gained and energy lost, that temperature imbalance in the climate system is responsible for the warming we’re seeing is one part of 260. We don’t know any of the energy flows in and out of the climate system to that level of accuracy.”

They generate these climate models where the climate system is forced to be in balance. They jimmy the numbers until the climate models don’t cause warming or cooling then they put CO2 in, CO2 causes warming, then they say see our models agree.”

In other words they twist the facts to suit their theories instead of changing the theory to suit the facts.

I don’t believe those who keep telling us the world is coming to an end.

On Jan. 27, 2006 Al Gore predicted that there would be an Armageddon doomsday if drastic measures were not taken in the next 10 years to reduce our energy usage. Well those 10 years have come and gone. We’re still here. 

On Monday another politician, Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warned us that “the world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.” Start the countdown.