Resignation accepted by aldermen

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

Ward 1 Alderman Scott Long’s resignation was accepted Thursday, Oct. 11 by the Gerald Board of Aldermen. 

The resignation was not announced until after the group had gone into executive session and then returned to open session. 

When asked for a copy of the letter, City Clerk Jane Hungler declined the request. 

Hungler said the city will no longer read such letters aloud into the public record nor make copies available. She added the city had been advised by counsel to discontinue the long-running practice last year. 

Long has missed several meetings due to work commitments. Attempts to reach him for comment on his resignation have been unsuccessful.

A permanent replacement for the unexpired one-year term will be decided by voters in the April Municipal election. 

Long took office this past April.

Mayor Cary Parker hopes to appoint someone to fill the vacant seat until the April election.