Saddened by recent ‘Mailbag’ letters

Name withheld by request
(Editor’s note: The letter was signed and submitted by a reader from the Hermann area).

To the Editor:

Recently I read several Gasconade County Republican newspapers in one sitting. I specifically found myself drawn to and saddened by the “Mailbag” letters.

I read analogies written by obvious aficionados of the main stream media, CNN and MSNBC. Who knew the most popular theme would be that President Trump is responsible for all the hate and racism in our world?

Never a good word was said about our booming economy or our now, highly respected standing on the world stage. Never a kind word was said about all that President Trump is in fact, doing for all minorities. Instead, over and over, it was stated that President Trump is fanning the flames of racism and hate.

I was raised to know that racism and hate have always existed, and know that when you are pointing fingers, blaming someone else, your four remaining fingers are pointing back at you, and you are not blame free.

Perhaps the “Mailbag” section in the paper should be renamed as “TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) Corner,” as repeatedly, it is where people go to blame President Trump for all the ills happening in our small community, and in fact, the entire United States. 

The fact remains, if all you can see is racism and hate, YOU are indeed the one who has the real problem with racism and hate. The election of President Trump never started these problems, but it has most definitely revealed it!