Several items of business decided in city meeting

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

One of the two pumps used at the city’s waste treatment plant needs repairs. At their regular meeting, Dec. 13, Public Works Director Nick Grube asked the board of aldermen to approve the purchase of a third pump to keep on hand as a spare. He explained to the board that it may take as long as two weeks to have the pump repaired. During that time, the remaining pump would take on the entire workload. Grube said he had located a pump for $3,539.08. 

The board unanimously agreed to Grube’s plan. 

Ward 1 Alderman Steve Grgurich told the group that two projects in the city are moving forward. 

Street banners sponsored by the Gerald Historical Society have been approved and ready to hang. 

The kite purchased by the city has been picked up by the artist and is ready to be painted. The original design approved by the board will not work well on the dimensions of the kite. The artist offered two other proposals for the board to consider. 

Ward 2 Alderman Ed Adams reported that the park board is ready to proceed with renovations in the old city hall in Legion Park. The group plans to add a kitchen in one of the office spaces.