Shooting victim identified assailant as step-daughter

Dave Marner
Managing Editor

A man shot to death Nov. 25 in a trailer park near his Bland residence identified his step-daughter as his assailant to the man on whose porch he expired.

Details of Jesse Robbins’ death from a gunshot wound to the torso are contained in a probable cause statement filed by an investigator from the Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement Group (LANEG) who also serves as a commissioned Gasconade County deputy. The report was redacted to remove the name of the shooting victim by the Gasconade County Associate Circuit Court, according to a deputy clerk citing a “court-level policy.”

 Robbins, however, was previously identified in a press release from the sheriff’s department as the shooting victim. 

LANEG personnel assisting Gasconade County Sheriff’s deputies at the scene early Sunday, Nov. 25, interviewed a “cooperating individual who was present” when Robbins was assaulted.

That witness told investigators that a man identified as Aaron “Foozball” Lewis, 36, and Brooke Allison Buddemeyer, 29, both of Bland, “initiated a physical confrontation with” Robbins “over domestic differences involving family.”

Robbins’ wife, Vicki Robbins, told the Maries County Advocate and Gasconade County Republican that her husband had “hit me and choked me Saturday (Nov. 24)” and had left their home nearby on Colorado Avenue. He did not return home until sometime between 5 and 6 a.m. Sunday. She did not let him back in their home. 

The physical altercation at lot No. 7 of the mobile home park behind their residence began on the porch and “transitioned onto the yard,” according to L.T. McDaniel’s report seeking the felony second-degree murder charges against Buddemeyer and Lewis.

According to the report, the cooperating witness told investigators “In the yard it appeared” Robbins “had gained the advantage on Lewis and at that time Brooke Buddemeyer shot” Robbins “with an unknown caliber handgun. After being shot,” Robbins “disengaged with Lewis and stated something to the effect ‘she’s got a gun, she’s going to kill me.’”

The report notes Buddemeyer and Lewis left the area.

The application for the warrant also noted an interview conducted two days later on Nov. 27 with a man living across the road on whose porch Robbins reached before collapsing. The man told McDaniel that Robbins “identified the shooter as Brooke Buddemeyer.”

Those two individuals provided information “consistent with my knowledge of the investigation and with evidence observed and collected at the scene,” the report noted. It goes on to note the information “is consistent with injuries documented on” Robbins’ “person at the time the medical examination was conducted.”

An autopsy was conducted by the Boone County Medical Examiner’s Office in Columbia on Nov. 27, according to Gasconade County Coroner Benjamin Grosse. Details on cause of death were not released, said Grosse, at the request of the sheriff.

The report, which was filed as separate but identical warrant applications for both Buddmeyer and Lewis, concludes with the notation that officers attempting to location both subjects — through contact with immediate family members — were told no one has had contact with either one since the incident took place.