Sign stealing

Keith and Rosaire Jahnsen

You may have noticed that there are very few “Vote Yes on Proposition A” signs around.

It is not because they have not been displayed, but because they have been stolen. Many residents and business owners have placed signs in their yard or work place only to have them stolen over and over again.

Some have resorted to cameras to see who the perpetrators are. However, last Friday, four people in a pick-up truck were caught stealing a sign from a resident’s home by his neighbor. Upon questioning the four (some were not even old enough to vote) it was admitted that there is a bounty out on the Vote YES signs.

This means that there is someone with an opposing view paying minors to trespass and steal from the people of our community.


Because we have a different opinion than you? This should be of great concern to all!

These youth are the future of our community and they are being encouraged to have absolutely no respect for another’s opinion or property. Unfortunately, in so doing, the unions are living up to their reputation.

We know many people, our family included, who belong to a union. We know not all union workers support these actions and not all union workers will vote no. Hopefully, the person behind this crime will be charged.