Special meeting called to consider rezoning of ambulance property

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

The Planning and Zoning Commission met Wednesday, Feb. 13. Visitors filled the room in anticipation of the commission’s ruling on whether or not to recommend a rezoning proposal by the Gerald Ambulance District. 

Potential buyers of the property asked the commission to make a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen that the property be rezoned from its current classification of City Property to a mixed use of Residential - single family and Commercial property. Members of the board of directors for the ambulance district were present and indicated their support of the rezoning proposal. 

Two city attorneys also attended the meeting and noted that city codes did not allow for a mixed-use zoning as was requested. Both the buyers and sellers left the room for a private discussion. When they returned they announced they would suspend the request if the city would address changing the codes to allow for mixed use, or conditional use permits on this and other properties.  

A special meeting was scheduled for today, Feb. 20. The meeting will begin with an executive session in which the commission can discuss the requests with the city attorneys. The attorneys agreed to attend the meeting, and the one held last week, at no cost to the city. 

An open meeting will follow with the only agenda item being the petition to amend the zoning code. 

The property in question lies in the southwest corner of the block where Legion Park is located.