Special session held to interview principal candidates; contracts offered for both posts

Four candidates for two principal positions in the R-2 School District were interviewed Tuesday in a special Board of Education meeting.

R-2 Superintendent Dr. Chuck Garner called at 10 p.m. Tuesday and said contracts were offered to candidates for the principal’s position at Owensville Elementary and the assistant principal’s job at the high school. He said one of the candidates offered a contract asked for enough time to consider the offer with family. An answer was not expected until today (Wednesday). 

Two candidates for each position had final interviews before the Board of Eduction in closed session, said Garner. 

A list of finalists was identified by a screening committee representing administrators, faculty and staff from various departments across the district. “School personnel from various departments were represented” during the screening process, said Garner. 

After the initial screening of resumes and telephone-call interviews,  Garner said “half-a-dozen” prospective finalists were identified for each position. 

He said there were 15 applicants for one of the jobs and 16 for the other.

“We had local interest and other folks from area schools and from as far away as the other parts of the state, who were interested,” said Garner.

Salaries for the new administrators will be based on their experience and education on the district’s salary schedule. Kent Sherrow is leaving at the end of the year to take the superintendent’s position in Viburnum. John Fortney, assistant at OHS, is taking a principal’s job in Monroe City.