Teenage Workaholic

Zoie Bertagnolli

 The majority of the teenage population have a job; they use the money to pay for self needs/wants. Some teens are found overworking themselves constantly doing job activities, not being able to see the "fun" side of being a teenager. Many teens miss out on "fun" activities that they may never get a chance to do again all due to their job.

   Having a job in High School helps teach responsibility to a teen. There are many good things and benefits that come along with having a job when you are young. But, it can also take time away from their personal life. "Workaholic" teens sometimes get too wrapped up in their job and forget to enjoy their time in High School while they have it. They also tend to forget about their academics. They not even forget, just the time factor becomes an issue. As in having difficulty finding the extra time to finish their homework assignment, or study for a test. Studying and completing assignments are usually vital to graduating High School. Without doing so, the teens may not graduate on time.

    Most teens with a job, aren't particularly happy with the fact that they have to work for their money and earn it, like a true adult would. Although, having money to pay for your gas to get you to school is pretty important, and they don't seem to forget that, they usually aren't happy. What does it matter if your not happy?

    Happy or not, chances are you have a job. We have jobs to make money to pay for things we need. Always keep in mind if you have a job, don't forget the important part of things, and just be happy because at the end of the day, all that matters is your own happiness.