Thank you, President Donald John Trump

Clyde Zelch, Rosebud, MO

Tuesday evening I watched an orange-ish haired fellow on a raised stand talk to a large room of people. Most jumped up quite often and clapped loudly, a few sat quietly and pretended they were deaf. Some had glue on their seats and apparently stuck in a rut, others must have had big, hard crumbs on their seat from the obvious pained look on the occupants face.

I thought that fellow spoke good, plain, American English; made near perfect sense, and made it clear that his intentions are to benefit everyone. In spite of his odd colored hair his heart is red, white and blue American.

Thank you President Donald John Trump for telling the people of this big, beautiful country what they desperately needed to be told for many years. Particularly the in pain, deaf, rutter’s who can’t seem to understand English.

Clyde H. Zelch, Rosebud, Mo.