Think about exhibiting your creations during fair

Phyllis Gross

Over the Christmas holidays I attended craft fairs in Hermann and Owensville. Wow! What talent and creativity exists in Gasconade County.

My question is: Why don’t more of these artists show off their abilities at the county fair?

I know your Mom told you not to “show off” but I think she would approve of it in this instance.

Most of you reading this are not thinking of the fair, but these cold, wintry days are the perfect time to plan and make a project to exhibit in July. Whatever you create — crafts, baked goods, canned goods, garden products, woodworking, upcycled items, leatherwork, basket weaving, jewelry, whatever — we can find a category for it. And don’t forget to search the attic for some antiques.

Each year, thousands of people attend the Gasconade County Fair. Many are from out of town. What an opportunity to showcase our county and the talents that abound here. For the four days of the 2018 fair, let’s do a little “showing off.”

Your Mom called and said it’s OK.