Three People Need You!

Raven Huxel

There really is! Every year approximately 4.5 million people die each year because of lack of life saving blood transfusions.  To get even more technical, 32,000 pints of blood are used each day in the United States because one out of every ten people need a blood transfusion when entering a hospital, especially trauma patients.  That is why on November 21st when the Red Cross comes to Owensville High, you should come and donate to lessen that number by three!  And according to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, your blood donation more than likely went to a struggling cancer patient.  Some of the treatments used to fight off cancer can severely damage blood cells, so patients could need transfusions from one or more types of blood, including red blood cells, plasma, and platelets, so your donation could help a struggling cancer patient get through another day!  Every day 41 million lives hang in the balance on a pint of blood, trauma patients need blood, and they need it fast and the right kind. Red Cross states that a single car accident victim could need up to 100 units of blood, and there is no time to check for a blood type.  O negative blood donations and AB plasma are in great need for trauma patients, those types can go to anybody.  Think about that, 41 million life or death situations every single day in U.S all hanging on blood transfusions.

Going off of that, car crashes could happen at any moment to anyone, whether you are driving or not.  So you could get into a car crash on the way home from work or school and need a blood transfusion, or maybe a loved one.  Donating could save three people’s lives every day, even yours or a loved one.  I, myself, donate as much as I can because my blood goes straight to the trauma unit, but even if your blood does not go to that unit, think about all the other peoples’ lives you could help just by donating.  Owensville High School has two drives a school year, if you donate just those two times, that is six people you are saving or helping get through another day.  Do some research of your own to see how much donating can do in the medical world, it does way more than you think and every donation is greatly appreciated.  And if you are scared, the doctors are right by your side when you need them, and you can always bring a loved one’s hand to hold, you will not be alone, and you are also helping three people not be alone when you donate, come to Owensville High on November 21st and do your part.