Tiesort resigns; Gerald police to be down to two officers

Linda Trest

Officer Russell Tiesort submitted a letter of resignation to Police Chief Jim Helton Dec. 23. Tiesort said his last day of work will be Jan. 7. 

Helton said that while he really hates to lose Tiesort from the department, he cannot blame him for taking a job that will offer an increase in pay and more time with his family.

Tiesort has accepted a position with the Franklin County Sheriff’’s office.

Ironically, at the Dec. 14 meeting of the Board of Aldermen, Helton asked the board to create a corporal position for Tiesort. He also asked the promotion include a pay raise of 50 cents per hour. 

The board agreed to creating the position, but held back on approving the pay raise. 

When Tiesort leaves, Helton will have only one other officer on the force. He says he has already spoken to Franklin County Sheriff Steve Pelton about assistance from his office. 

Helton says Pelton has agreed to answer emergency calls in Gerald when there are no city officers on duty. The Sheriff’s office will also provide assistance on other calls as time allows or make occasional patrols through town.

The Board of Aldermen must approve funding for advertisement for new officers. They meet again Jan. 11. 

Helton said neither the pay issue nor promotion had any bearing on Tiesort’s decision to leave.