Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2017

Zoie Bertagnolli
  1. The clown Pennywise from It  

This look isn’t hard to accomplish with a typical clown wig and some pale face makeup. If you can carry a red balloon, even better!

  1. A Stranger Things character from the hit Netflix show

If you watch Stranger Things, simply choose your favorite character and copy their looks.

  1. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

This classic character has been around for years and for a girl to accomplish this look isn’t hard. Put your hair up and wear a long yellow dress. If you can carry a rose, even better!

  1. A Giraffe

There are two ways to accomplish this look. You can either buy a comfy giraffe onesie, or you can add extra contour in your makeup and paint some brown spots on your face.

  1. Wonder Woman, from the record breaking superhero original movie.

  1. A Game of Thrones character

This one is simple if you watch Game of Thrones. Choose your favorite character and copy their look.

  1. A Baywatch lifeguard from the summer hit movie

This one is a simple red onepiece swimsuit with some flip flops and some sun glasses.

  1. A hippie

Grab your favorite sunglasses and sun dress. Throw a few flowers in your hair and you’re a hippie!

  1. A Unicorn

For this you can do your makeup with bright purples and pinks. You can also DIY your own horn to go on top of your head.

  1. A mermaid

This one is easier to just purchase a mermaid suit.