Water leak, determined to be a hazard by the city, has been corrected

Linda Trest
Staff Writer

The City of Gerald has received many complaints and comments about a long-term water leak emanating from Art’s Sports and Liquor. A steady stream of water ran from that property, down the south side of Fitzgerald Avenue (U. S. Highway 50).

Aldermen heard a report from their Public Works Director, Nick Grube, at their meeting June 13.

Grube told the board that the business had had an excessive increase in their water usage. This indicated, he believed, that this wasn’t a ground water issue, but rather one created by a water leak. 

The water created a slime trail in its wake. It had also caused mud to bubble up between the joints of the pavement, and the pavement edges were beginning to crumble. Properties to the east of the business were receiving much of the runoff. 

The aldermen deemed it a hazardous situation and asked Grube to check into the problem. 

 The next day he did just that. He went into the basement of the building to check on the water meter. While down there, he noticed a steady stream of water coming from a pipe on the main level. A sump pump was channeling the excess water to the exterior of the east side of the building.

He went back upstairs to the area where he noticed the leak, which was under a sink used to hold bait. He turned off the water supply under the sink and the problem was solved, at least temporarily. 

Grube reported Tuesday that no water was currently coming off the property, although the grassy area was still waterlogged.

Although the business had faced an astronomical water bill, they remained current with all payments.