What Prop. D could mean for Gasconade County and its communities

Dave Marner
Managing Editor

If Proposition D is approved by voters in November, a 2.5-cent motor fuel tax increase would be added each year over a four-year period for an overall increase of 10 cents per gallon by the fourth year.

Thirty percent of the revenue generated from the statewide fuel tax is mandated through the proposition’s language to be returned to the county and community levels.

When the tax is fully implemented after four years, the following figures provided by SaferMo.com reflect the annual revenue in new sales tax receipts which will go to Missouri counties — and communities within each county — for use on road and bridge projects.

Gasconade County would receive $309,637 annually along with $100,933 which would be distributed to the communities of Owensville ($42,091), Hermann ($38,237), Bland ($8,478), and Rosebud ($6,433), the city of Gasconade ($3,508), and Morrison ($2,186).

Overall, residents of Gasconade County would benefit from $410,570 in additional fuel tax receipts being returned to the county.

In Maries County, the communities of  Belle and Vienna will divide $33,896 with $24,301 going to Belle and $9,595 earmarked for Vienna. The county is scheduled to receive $249,616 annually with a total disbursement within the county annually of $283,512.

Under Proposition D, Osage County is scheduled to receive $367,072 in disbursements with $318,751 of that total going to the county.

Communities within Osage County will divide up $48,321. Linn is scheduled to receive $22,949 annually after four years  and Freeburg will receive $6,874. Chamois is scheduled to receive $6,229 annually, Wesphalia is designated to receive $6,119, Meta’s figure is $3602, and Argyle will get $2,548.

Franklin County is scheduled to receive $1,955,978 overall with $1,202,759 to be used at the county level and the balance of $753,219 to be disbursed between the communities. The Gerald community would receive $21,156 annually. The Village of Leslie would receive $2,690. Other taxing entities designated for this funding in Franklin  County include Berger ($3,476), Miramiguoa Park ($1,887), New Haven  ($32,858), Oak Grove Village ($8,006), Pacific ($110,135), Parkway ($6,905), St. Clair ($74,304), Sullivan ($111,378), Union ($160,500), and Washington ($219,924).

A fiscal summary released with the proposition notes: “If passed, this measure will generate at least $288 million annually to the State Road Fund to provide for the funding of Missouri state law enforcement and $123 million annually to local governments for road construction and maintenance.”