Who Doesn’t Love Conferences?

Raven Huxel

Many students go on school conferences and trips all the time for clubs or classes or sports; travelling is a great way to see your surroundings and places in your state, it is also really fun!  Conferences not only benefit the school but greatly benefits the students attending, it creates a fun atmosphere and bonding with peers, and the educational purpose is always there as well.  Students get to experience travelling and far away places in your state, or heck, maybe even a different state!  It takes some of the bore out of sitting in class all day wondering when the day will be over, instead students are getting prepared for their big trip.  Even small field trips for classes like biology or history can really make an impact on students education, it lets them see that subject or topic from a real-world, hands-on view.  Say for a history class you visit the Abraham Lincoln museum in Illinois, or for biology take a trip to the local zoo to study the animals there, it is educational and fun at the same time.  

Moving on, let us get into the nitty gritty of why I'm really writing, now that I have explained the importance of school conferences or trips, I have a specific one that needs to be addressed.  Thescon.  Or the long version: All State Thespian Conference, a massive conference for thespians all over Missouri!  Thespians like myself who are greatly involved in theatre look forward to this event all year long, thousands of people attend, all love theatre and it’s magic.  Everyday there is something happening, tons and tons of workshops to benefit thespians either now or later in life, and scholarship opportunities and college booths are everywhere always looking to peak an interest in a willing passerby.  This conference is so big for thespians from all over, it helps us connect with other schools and see the talent they provide the world, and they can see our schools as well.

 Conferences are such an important part of thespian society, and any club or class in fact, it is so beneficial to be able to do things hands on and travel for students.