Woman charged with felony forgery

A rural Owensville woman, 26, was charged Friday in a felony warrant alleging forgery following an Owensville police investigation into the theft of a local contractor’s check book and her subsequent use of a check to buy gas, lottery tickets and soda at a convenience store.

Shayla M. Harmon was jailed over the weekend and posted a $2,500 bond on Sunday, according to police. Along with the class D felony charge of forgery, Harmon was charged with a class D misdemeanor count alleging receiving stolen property.

She is accused of taking a check book from a vehicle at a local construction site and purchasing $71.37 worth of merchandise and fuel from Casey’s on Sept. 28. Store video footage shows her using the stolen check. The probable cause statement filed as the application for the warrant notes she is seen signing what appears to be her first name. A driver’s license number she wrote on the check is off by one number of her actual license number, according to police. Police said additional charges are pending as similar cases are being investigated involving checks written on the same account, allegedly by Harmon, at Franklin County Walmart stores in Union, Washington and Sullivan.

Owensville police said a Ford Explorer reported stolen from a local grocery store was recovered in Morrison. Police received a call last week that the vehicle had been abandoned in late August or early September. Police have identified a person of interest. Their investigation continues.