Work is slow but steady in hiring of new officers

Linda Trest

The Police Advisory Committee will meet again this evening to take the next steps to provide Gerald with a full police force. 

At their second meeting last week, the group finalized both their interview process and their scoring system.

This evening, they hope to set tentative dates to begin the interviews. Chairman Angie Koepke says that while progress has not been as fast as she would like, the group is moving steadily forward.

It has been more than two months since Lt. Mason Griffith notified the city of his resignation. It has been over one month since Chief Steve Goodwin resigned, after being suspended by the City. 

This has left Gerald with only two police officers.

This evening, board members will submit questions to be used during the interview process. Those questions will be submitted to the City’s attorney on Thursday for his approval. 

The group hopes to have 20 questions prepared for each candidate. Each board member will be allowed to ask one or two more questions if clarification is needed.