Wrong in believing shared historic events

C.H. Zelch
Rosebud, Mo.

To the readers:

After reading the recent article from the (Gasconade) County Democrats Club, I read it again, and again, looking for facts and logic.

I found just a little.

Hunting squirrels with a .22 in the local woods or hunting a moose with a (30).06 in the mountains is different only in location and scale. They both allow much thought time.

And I think you are wrong believing we all shared the same history lessons, and experience the same events, because the majority of our wonderful public school systems have for the most part quit teaching history, geography, civics, penmanship, understanding of constitutional law, right and wrong, responsibility, morality, honesty, the value of hard work in a capitalistic society, respect for self/others and the environment, and so have many parents, who instead teach little more than lying, cheating, stealing, drugs, and poaching.

And since you blame so much on President D.J. Trump, you should also admit that the Democratic Party has long had a closer connection to the K.K.K., and that former Senator Bird held an office of power in that organization, also that any city of size that is controlled by left wing liberals for more than a few years begins going backwards, not forwards. Liberal welfare programs teach people to live off of someone else’s sweat, and sweat is the perfume of success.